Saturday, August 3, 2013

Workin' it

So in addition to jumping back into dating I'm also getting back to exercising regularly. I got the DVD of Serpentine Belly Dance with Rachel Brice. I love it!

There's a section of yoga for belly dance. It really focuses on strengthening the back, hips and legs. It's totally what I need! My back feels better every day!

I skipped a couple of days this week. Wednesday we went to Magic Mountain, Thursday I worked more hours than I was supposed to and then had a board meeting after work, and then Friday I was feeling really sick.

Last night I woke up with horrible back pain...and again this morning. I was originally going to only do the exercises on the weekdays, but now I think that skipping the weekend would be bad for my back.

Ya know, part of the reason I'm back into my physical fitness is for my well-being but part of it is also so that I look better naked. Shallow, I know, but it's really something that bothers me...

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